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Agadir immobilier

Company "ARRAFIK" is a leading company in the field of real estate and investment marketing, combines between modern and traditional marketing, because it has an extensive network of clients in different fields to offer you a variety of services that meet all the requirements of the real estate market with great efficiency and rely on the latest marketing technologies for various projects, offering you the best in the real estate market at very attractive and competitive prices, and provides clients wishing to invest in projects real estate loans for investment of limited duration and guaranteed.


Agadir immobilier


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Agadir immobilier

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Address 02: 38bis Avenue Alhamra Bouargane Agadir
TV. 01: +212 661-202700
TV. 02: +212 528-226080
TV. 03: +212 528-222080

Agadir security company

Agadir security company, Marrakech security company, cleaning, gardening, pest control and other services. Our agency offers tailor-made security, security, cleaning and gardening services for companies and individuals. In addition, it also provides pest control services for hotels, restaurants and businesses. Find a high level of professionalism and a service that meets all your needs. Hajar Multi Service offers its security, cleaning and hygiene services (pest control, rat extermination, disinfection) in the cities of Agadir and Marrakech.

The caretaking and cleaning company Hajar Multi Service is constantly listening to specific requests and recurring or punctual needs of our customers in order to adapt and develop our products. Our services therefore have the experience and competence to study, plan the budget necessary for such operations and lead or support a project to completion. In addition, our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and has the qualifications required to provide the services entrusted to it.


agence de sécurité Agadir

Société de sécurité Agadir
Société de nettoyage Agadir
Nettoyage restaurant Agadir
Nettoyage hôtel Agadir
Agent de sécurité Agadir
société de gardiennage Agadir
Société de gardiennage Marrakech
Société de jardinage Agadir
Société de jardinage Marrakech
Nettoyage fin de chantier Agadir
Nettoyage fin de chantier Marrakech
Nettoyage vitres Agadir
Nettoyage vitres Marrakech
Nettoyage bureaux Agadir
Société de surveillance Agadir
maître-chien Marrakech
Agent cynophile Agadir

Morocco Car Rental


car rental morocco

Our car rental agency in Morocco with 3 agencies in Casablanca, Marrakech and Agadir. We have a recent fleet of different makes and models of cars, to meet the needs of a very demanding national and international clientele. With our rental agency 4 × 4 and luxury car in Morocco, you rent a car from your arrival at the airport, at the railway station or at your hotel and in the main cities.

We offer our guests access to all types of cars, 4 × 4 and luxury vehicles. There are also several fuel-efficient vehicle selections, which are an excellent choice for budget-conscious visitors. In addition to offering customers the lowest rental prices, we offer additional discounts.

Car Rental Marrakech

Car Rental Casablanca

To move efficiently in Casablanca, it is important to have reliable means of transport. Residents know it and visitors learn very quickly. For those who visit the city, there is a lot to see and do. Casablanca has many attractions, hotels and restaurants.

With personal transport, it is possible to tick all the destinations of the list of tourist sites. As traveling takes time in Casablanca, it is important to rent a vehicle. Fortunately, visitors have the opportunity to rent a car with a GPS system, so you do not get lost.

Let our agencies (Locatmane Cars, Atmane Cars and Chnayti Cars) take on the difficult task of finding the best deals for Marrakech, Casablanca and Agadir. To help you choose a vehicle, contact a friendly staff member by phone, Skype or live chat. We are proud to provide courteous and fast service. Any questions are welcome, so do not hesitate to contact a customer service representative.

We help you plan a trip is a tedious task and find a reliable means of transportation with a simple booking process. The only thing travelers should have to worry about is what type of vehicle to choose..

Car rental Agadir

The mission of Locatmane Cars Car Rentals is to provide the customer with the best available transportation service at a very reasonable price. Locatmane Cars exists to attract and retain customers. When we adhere to that, everything will come into place. Our service will exceed the expectations of our customers.